Free Speech To Text Software For Windows 8

Text-To-Speech applications are actually very useful to produce various audios, audio books, or even online articles. When I first started using Internet, I was confused by the many text-to-speech program and softwares. They all gave the same results and were the same. Sometimes, they even gave me trouble when choosing which program to use. It was difficult to tell which tools required more technical knowledge, so it took them time to figure out how they worked.

Then I discovered an amazing tool named Azure. It was actually the most amazing tool that I have ever seen. I personally used this for a long time and I can definitely say that it is one of the best text-to-speech application that I have ever come across. The best thing about this tool was its simplicity. It works without any technical knowledge. It is actually not necessary to install it on your personal computer.

This is one of the text-to-speech software that is extremely easy to operate and doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge. In fact, you don’t even need any voice actor to provide you the speech. This is one the best features of these text/to-speech tools. Your audio file will be automatically read by the software based on your instructions.

There are many reasons text-to-speech software should be used. You might be planning a speech, but don’t know which language to use. Perhaps you are unable to correctly pronounce words or want to give a speech. Perhaps you are looking to improve your public speaking skills. Whatever your situation, you will be happy that you can rely solely on your voice and not have a professional do it for you.

First, you need to know that the tool comes with both a pro and a free version. If you want to test the free version first, you can download the free version from google’s website. The only difference in the free version and the paid version is how many words your speech can contain. The free version can only hold four hundred thousand words. However, the pro version can hold nine hundred thousand words.

To use your text to speech software, open it and choose the “ewm” option. To hear your voice through the computer speaker, click on “microphone icon”. This will enable you to speak the sentence of your choice. When you speak, you will hear a text-to-speech verdict followed by your own voice. The verdict is what you will read aloud to your audience.

There are many text to speech voices on the market. Some of these include human and synthetic voices. Human voices sound more natural and convincing than synthetic voices. People who use text-to-speech software will appreciate how their voices come directly from real people. It makes them more believable.

These software applications enable you to convert text into voice and then have it delivered directly to your mobile phone using a Bluetooth headphone or your voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP). The software is easy to use and quick to set up. You can speak with your own voice into the text to speech tool. You can also adjust the volume of the voice. You can also use a synthetic voice to speak into the text-to-speech tool.